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SCHMOOSE — User-centric mobile development for your projects. We engineer connected, digitally enhanced, and well-communicated apps for your projects. We create solutions, products, experiences, and tools to succeed! Let's work together!

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We forge solid foundations for your App projects!

We design and develop custom native and cross-platform mobile apps and utilities, as well as lean mobile solutions for business schmoothly integrated with web services and internal corporate systems. We work with passion and clarity on the design and development of your full-stack app solutions. We’re visionaries, architects, engineers, designers and idealists. Not just coders, but people who you want to bring your ideas to life. Did we get your attention? Let’s work together and build amazing stuff!




We build mobile solutions on any language, technical stack, and platform, for both web and mobile. Either as your product team or integrating seamlessly into your existing product team, we help you building relevant Android, iOS, or Web applications with a fast, seamless, and immersive experience.


UX Strategy

Life is too short for building products nobody will use. We help you that your app reacts perfectly on cue and feels totally natural! Having insights on how users navigate and interact with applications allows us to provide an effortless product experience. Complex tasks don't need complex user interfaces.



The first thing that brings someone to your app is a beautiful, original and modern look and feel. We love to design! We blend your idea into an elegant customized UI design that turns your app into success. The UI extends upon the language of your brand and creates a perfect app identity.


Security and Compliance

We help you to find trusted solutions to keep you, your clients, data, and devices safe, sound, and secure. We protect and shield your information with best of our data security methods and techniques to build trust for you and your customers! Trust is good, schmoose is better!


Strategy & Decision

We do not leave you alone! We will be right by your side on each step of the development process. By understanding the business environment and the technical constraints we help you choose the right technologies and a project workflow that fits your culture.



Progress never stops, which is why we offer you our consulting services. Whether it’s planning for future iterations of your software or discovering new, better ways to implement solutions. A launch date doesn’t mean “goodbye.” We continue collaborating for your success, keeping you and your products online.




It's all about you

We are design thinkers. We work with our clients to help them explore WHY they build mobile apps, not only HOW they go about developing them. We take the time to understand your business, your product and the end-user’s needs.


Tailored to your needs

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we take your initial idea and advance it with everything the we know about design, user experience, mobile, business, markets, what does and doesn't work. We turn ideas into actual successful projects.






From brain to store

We understand that launching your app project is only the beginning. We’ll ensure your deployment goes smoothly and your team is well set up to own your app post-launch. With the right documentation, training and support we make your launch a success.

Let’s build some apps!

We want your questions, unsolvable problems, and outstanding ideas, now it’s your turn!

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